Best places to see snow in the Drakensberg Mountains

Giants Castle

Best places to see snow in the Drakensberg

Best places to see snow in the Drakensberg

Giants Castle is situated in the Central Drakensberg and offers some spectacular snow views of the Drakensberg Mountains that is if it does snow. This is one of the best Drakensberg snow locations if you are looking to see the snow views. Access is easy with a tar road which maens even if there is snow on the road you can still drive.


Highmoor is the highest KZN Wildlife camp in the Drakesberg so its little wonder the Highmoor experiences more snow than any other part of the Drakensberg Mountains. Whats makes Highmoor such a perfect snow attraction is that there is a tar road that will take you right up to the camp. If you wish to play in the snow this is the best drakensberg snow location by far.

Underberg and Sani Pass

While it’s not guaranteed to snow every year, the quaint southern Drakensberg villages of Underberg and Himeville are great bases for 4×4 trips up Sani Pass, where winter snow is more or less assured. To make the most of the snow at the top of the pass, book a stay at Sani Mountain Lodge.

Golden Gate National Park

Often packed to bursting during the summer months, Glen Reenen Rest Camp at Golden Gate National Park attracts few visitors in winter – it’s not uncommon to have the entire camp to yourself, a perfect, untrodden blanket of snow on all sides. If that sounds too chilly, there’s cosier accommodation in the nearby Golden Gate Hotel, or grab a luxurious log cabin at Highlands Mountain Retreat and stay warm by the fire as the snow drifts down outside.

Cathedral Peak

If you’re feeling active and find the idea of hiking through snow appealing, this part of the Drakensberg is for you. The weather here tends to be more stable during winter and, after a snowstorm, conditions can become bright and clear for days. In good weather, Cathedral Peak can be summited in one day from the popular Cathedral Peak Hotel, and although snowfall can make some areas treacherous, experienced hikers should have no difficulty.

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8 comments on “Best places to see snow in the Drakensberg Mountains
  1. ursula says:

    where is the best place to stay that is safe with kids not to expensive
    but nice to see snow in drakensburg.

    • wpadmin says:

      Hi Ursula
      There are many options available in the Drakensberg that are child friendly. An option I particularly like is As far as snow goes you would need to visit over the winter period. Your best chance of snow is July.

  2. Sone says:

    Where can i have a wedding in snow ?

    • wpadmin says:

      Snow is difficult to predict. But there are lots of wedding venues in the Drakensberg and I suspect you would choose the one depending on your wedding requirements. A really lovely place that hosts smaller weddings is Antbear Lodge.

  3. Thandiwe Mafereka says:

    Hi Am looking for a winter holidays around

    • wpadmin says:

      The Drakenberg Mountains is the perfect winter holiday playground. But 2020 is going to be given a bit of a miss. With COVID19 tourism will not be operating and you are going to have to dream about our lovely snow covered mountains and travel later.

  4. Maruschka says:

    Where is the best place to see snow in July, particularly end of July?

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