Canoeing holiday activities in the Drakensberg Region

The Drakensberg Mountains are a great tip for your next holiday or day trip. And your Drakensberg holiday need not just be about hiking and walking. Activities like canoeing through the Weenen Game Reserve in an inflatable canoe. This day-trip is only available in the winter months (June September). The Bushmans River has its source in the high Drakensberg at Giants Castle. Lower down the Bushmans River just before it gets to Weenen it feeds the Weenen irrigation canal. While the river rushes and tumbles over rocks, the canal is much less imposing. Only a metre deep and no more than a few metres wide. But its 12 kilometres long, traversing rough and hilly terrain.  Your river guides will have everything ready for you. So you can lie back in your little boat. You have got paddles but you dont need them.  Theres a driverless boat behind you. This is the drinks trolley. And very welcome it is too. At around lunchtime youll come upon a feast spread out on a group of rocks next to the canal.

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