Mountain Biking in the Drakensberg Mountains

Drakensberg Mountain Biking

Drakensberg Mountain Biking

The Drakensberg Mountains offer some of the best mountain biking trails in South Africa. With some of the most beautiful scenery ever to be imagined, the Central and Northern Drakensberg is the place to head with you mountain bike. The Champagne Valley in the Central Drakensberg through the Cathedral Peak and Didima Valley, then the Royal Natal National Park and Amphitheatre Valley, and finally the Middledale Pass Valley in the Northern Berg all offers magnificent mountain views.  Home to two major mountain bike races, (the Sani Pass Transfrontier Mountain Bike Epic as well as the Volvo Classic), Drakensberg Mountain Biking proves to be the ideal location for both novice as well as accomplished riders.

The Northern Drakensberg offers some of the most spectacular mountain bike riding in South Africa. The Drakensberg MTB Trail system in the Northern Drakensberg of KZN has been established and offers more than 100km of permanently marked and mapped mountain bike trails, with routes for all ability levels. These mountain bike trails are based from All Out Adventures. The beauty of these mountain bike trails is that they link many of the Northern Drakensberg resorts, allowing guests the convenience of accessing the trails directly from their accommodation venues.

Mountain Bike routes in the Cathedral Peak or Champagne valley are becoming popular. For the fit, the now famous Bezuidenhout’s Pass (near Sterkfontein dam) can be descended as part of a long-day circular route.

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2 comments on “Mountain Biking in the Drakensberg Mountains
  1. Simon Bosman says:

    My name is Simon Bosman, I’m from S.A.but moved to the USA 36 years ago.I’m an avid mountain biker,coach and guide.I’m wanoting more information on the mountain biking in the Giants Castle area.Technically challenging trail is what I’m looking for.Good views are a given in this area but my clientele leans towards advanced, narrow trails (paths).I remember hiking this area as a kid and there were many pathways as I recall,are they open to mountain bikers?
    Thanks for your help.

    • wpadmin says:

      You cant mountain bike inside the National Park. But there are lots of mountain bike tracks that are available. Both jeep tracks and single track. Suggest to stay at Antbear Lodge and get a map from the owners. About 50km that can be ridden. More options in the Champagne Valley and Northern Drakensberg with a lovely mountain bike network. Payment is required to use both of these trails.

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