Drakensberg Boys Choir

Drakensberg Boys Choir

Drakensberg Boys Choir

The Drakensberg boys’ Choir, set on a 100 acre estate in the Champagne Valley  is the only choir school in Africa. The Drakensberg Boys Choir is of a quality to rival that of the Vienna Boys’.  The construction of a 600 seat auditorium in 1995 with modern sound and lighting equipment allowed the Drakensberg Boys Choir School to reach a new level of professionalism, if you consider that the former hall seated only 80. Today, the choir plays to an auditorium filled to capacity on most Wednesdays during the year.  These Wednesday concerts and music festivals, which include Music in the Mountains, rated as one of the top festivals in the country which showcases the coral music of the Drakensberg boys’ Choir and features some of the country’s most popular artists.

Despite the school’s catholic leaning – the initial part of every concert is given over to strictly classical music that includes Bach, Handel, Mozart or Beethoven – the second half almost always includes hidden delights – jazz, folk, or music by Freddie Mercury – an array of what it means to enjoy music. This is not simple music by any means. The boys take on complex melodies and difficult rhythms, and rise to the challenge time after time.


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