Pukertty Farm Stall

Pukertty Farm Stall

Pukertty Farm Stall

Pucketty Farm in the Southern Drakensberg is one of special farm stalls that you dont want to miss out on. The beautiful farm stall is a treasure of the Underberg community. Pukertty Farm Stall greets its visitor with  a quaint selection of wooden houses, surrounded by fragrant flowers and trees. The farm stall itself is delightful and a foodie’s dream. You will be distracted by home-made biscuits and bottled preserves, to ruby-coloured jams, cakes and ice-cream. And the teddy bears, old photos and bottles that are part of the decor just add that much more authenticity to the farm stall.

The shop operates on a system of trust – you put the money for your chosen items in a cash box on the till and take out the right amount of change. No one checks up on you – it’s up to you to be honest about the amount you owe. Its quite a breathtaking idea in today’s age, where trust is sadly such an elusive thing, but at Pucketty it just seems to work. People feel like they are trusted and are obliged to act morally.

The gallery has some lovely pieces on display. Some work painted by local artists and then some good landscape photographs.  The tiny restaurant offers lunch and it is good.

Pucketty is a place of peace, charm and old-fashioned values, as well as being home to some of the tastiest food ever. If you happen to be anywhere near the Underberg in the Drakensberg, then do yourself a favour and make sure that you factor a visit to the farm stall into your itinerary.

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